Can't Grow A Beard? Prohormones Offer Easy Testosterone Boosts For Men With Hypogonadism


With razor manufacturers seeing a $2.3 billion loss in recent years, there's no denying that beards are trending. But, if you're an older gentleman who can't seem to grow facial hair, you might not be so pleased with the current fad. There's good news, though. One of the main reasons why older men can't grow whiskers is because they've acquired age-induced hypogonadism -- a common condition that can be treated with steroid supplements. Read on to learn more.

The Testosterone Curve

The ability for men to produce testosterone is present at birth; however, production is limited until they reach puberty. During puberty, the body suddenly boosts production of the hormone, and this surge leads to a deepened voice, more muscle mass, and increased hair growth.

As the body continues to age, though, testosterone production again slows. This decreased testosterone production is known as hypogonadism. According to healthline,com, 20% of men will experience hypogonadism in their 60s, 30% in their 70s, and 50% in their 80s. 

On average, for every year over the age of 30 you are, you can expect your testosterone production to be 1% less than it was in the prime of your life.

And, as your testosterone levels plummet, so does your ability to grow a beard.

Steroid Supplements To The Rescue

Fortunately, there's an easy, way to regain testosterone production. You can't buy over-the-counter steroids, but you can buy prohormones. Like steroids, prohormones boost testosterone levels. Unlike steroids, however, they do so in a completely natural way.

When you take steroids, you either inject or ingest a synthetic compound designed to mimic natural testosterone. Steroids certainly have their place in the world of bodybuilding, but they're not the best solution for an average, older guy just looking to grow a beard.

Prohormones are derived from materials found naturally in the meat and plants you already eat. These steroid supplements simply provide you with the ingredients you need to produce testosterone, and your body does the rest. You're able to restore testosterone production without introducing any foreign substances to your body.

Choosing The Right Prohormone 

There are several types of prohormones on the market, with each specifically targeting their own unique desired outcomes. Some aim to generate excess testosterone for muscle and strength building, while others are designed to simply bring the body's testosterone levels back to an average level. Prohormones are available on the market in syringe form for direct muscle application, or as oral tablets. 

As a beginner prohormone users, shoot for oral tablets that are labeled non-methylated with low androgenic and estrogenic action.

Methylated prohormones have added compounds that are processed by the liver. They last longer and are more powerful than non-methylated prohormones that do not pass through the liver.

Androgenic and estrogenic action refers to the prohormone's likelihood to create secondary sexual characteristics in the body. While it's true that you want your body to kick up its hair growth ability, a prohormone with high androgenic effects will also lead to potentially unwanted, rapid increased muscle mass.

Your body may just need a little boost to get your testosterone levels back to normal. It's best to start with a low androgenic action capsule and work your way up from there if your facial stubble still won't budge.

For further guidance on beginner prohormone use, speak with the clerk at your local nutrition or supplement store.

If you're an older gentleman who can't grow a beard, don't feel bad. Hypogonadism is a common condition in aging men. Fortunately, you can boost your body's testosterone production naturally by selecting a safe, natural prohormone steroid supplement.


4 May 2015

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