Six Mistakes To Avoid When You Work Out On A Rowing Machine


Working out on a rowing machine is a great way to work out a wide range of muscles at once. Not only does a rowing machine work out the upper body, but it also is great for the back muscles and muscles of the legs including the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. 

If your past workouts on a rowing machine haven't been as effective as you were hoping, you should reconsider what your routine and focus have been. The following are six mistakes you'll want to avoid if you're looking for ways to improve your rowing machine workout:

Repeatedly doing sessions that are too brief

You should really mix up the length of your sessions. Many of those who work out on a rowing machine are tempted to limit their workout to short term, high intensity workouts.

However, it's best to mix things up by doing both longer workouts at a lower resistance level that will provide more cardiovascular exercise and also some higher resistance, shorter workouts. Mix it up to stay engaged.

Always going solo

A rowing machine can be a great machine to use in the gym to compete with others. Competition between friends always leads to better performance and a more thorough workout. 

Putting too much focus on working out the arms

A lot of people assume that rowing is all about the arm muscles. However, this isn't really the case. Rowing is largely about the leg muscles, especially about working your glutes.

If you focus excessively on pulling with your arms while rowing, you're undermining your workout and making things more difficult than they need to be. Focus equally on the arms and legs while rowing.

Keeping the straps too loose around your feet

If your feet are strapped loosely into the rowing machine, they'll move around while you're rowing and your legs won't provide as much force as they should. You need to make sure that your feet are securely held within the pads by the straps to get the most effective and comfortable workout possible. 

Overdoing it with the rowing machine

While the rowing machine is a good means of getting a full body workout, you shouldn't get carried away. Break up your workout routine by also using other equipment often so that you avoid falling into a rut of monotony that will leave you disenchanted with the gym. 

Starting with the resistance level too high

When you're just getting started on the rowing machine, gradually increase the resistance until you find the ideal level. Too many people get discouraged with using the rowing machine because they set the resistance very high initially.


30 March 2017

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