Reasons To Choose A Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Practitioner Who Will Visit Your Home


Many people turn to trauma-sensitive yoga as a way to process various traumas that they have been through. Whether you have had a family member or friend speak highly of this practice or you have been working with a therapist who has advocated strongly for trauma-sensitive yoga, you may wish to find a practitioner who works in your area. While many trauma-sensitive yoga practitioners use space at local yoga studios and healthcare clinics to work with their clients, there are some who may be able to visit your home to guide you through a session. Here are some reasons that a home-based session may appeal to you.

You May Feel More Comfortable Being Emotional

A lot of emotions can come up during a trauma-sensitive yoga session, which is a good way for you to process and release them to allow you to move forward. Emotions such as sadness and anger can be challenging for some people to experience, and you may feel a little unsure about your ability to truly be emotional when you are meeting in a yoga studio or other similar venue. Even though your session is private, you might feel embarrassed about crying loudly, for example. In the safety of your own home, emotional responses may come easier, allowing you to get more out of your session.

You Won't Have To Worry About Seeing Anyone

Given that you have been through a traumatic event and are working on dealing with it constructively, it is nice to know that you won't have to run into anyone before or after your session when you choose a home-based appointment. You might not feel up to randomly encountering someone you know as you leave your session, and this will not be anything to worry about when your practitioner conducts a private session for you in your home.

You'll Be Able To Focus On Additional Care

People wish to care for themselves in different ways after going through a trauma-sensitive yoga session, especially if a lot of emotions came up. You may want to curl up with a cup of tea and make some notes about the session so that you can remember exactly how it went. Or, you might want to dim the lights and soak in a hot bath, giving yourself some much-needed "me time." Either post-session option is easy to implement when your practitioner visits you in your home.


21 January 2020

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