Three Reasons To Fold Your Yoga Mat


In many yoga studios, there is a common debate about whether it is better to roll your yoga mat or fold it. For many years, rolling up a yoga mat was the most common way to store it, but lately, folding mats have become more popular, for good reason. Below are just some of the reasons you should buy a folding yoga mat instead of a roll-up mat.


The top reason to fold your yoga mat as opposed to rolling is for better hygiene. When you roll a yoga mat, the underside comes in contact with the top side. This means all the grime and dirt on the floor will stick to the top side of your mat, and you will be putting your face and hands on that grime the next time you take your mat out to practice yoga. Some people avoid this by folding their mat in half before rolling, but unless your mat is designed to accommodate this initial fold, it will result in a crease that can make your yoga practice uncomfortable. Alternatively, some people put a thin piece of cloth over the mat before rolling, but this can add weight and bulk to your mat. 


Most yoga mats are rather portable when rolled or folded, especially if you have a shoulder sling for your mat. However, if you travel, folded mats are more likely to fit in a travel-on suitcase or in a backpack. This makes them easier to take farther. While it might not be a big deal if you are only going from your car to the studio, if you hike before doing yoga or go to yoga retreats, a folded mat might be the better option. 

Always Flat

Many yoga mats curl if they remain rolled for several hours. This can lead to you flipping your mat over to the dirty side to use it or having to deal with curling edges during your practice. Folding mats don't curl and are designed to lay flat when you unfold them. This means you don't have to wait for them to expand or settle before you start your yoga session. 

While folded mats may offer better hygiene, portability, and flatness, it is important you care for your mat appropriately. You should clean your mat regularly and store it in the manufacturer's recommended storage position. This will make your mat last longer and keep you healthy while practicing yoga.

For more information about folding yoga mats, such as a lotus printed folding yoga mat, contact a local yoga mat supplier.


16 October 2020

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