Did Becoming A Senior Jumpstart Your Desire To Exercise More? 3 Benefits Of Using A Rebounder For Your Workouts


There's something about crossing the threshold into senior citizen status that makes you start rethinking everything you do in life. Taking better care of your health is an understandable goal that often requires needing to increase the amount of time that you exercise each week. While you might know that it is time to start jumping on your fitness goals, you might still be unsure of what to do. Adding a rebounder to your workout equipment is a great way to get motivated by planning an exercise routine that offers you the following benefits.

Ignite a Childlike Attitude

If you spent your mid-life years slogging through one tedious workout after another, then you might have developed a bit of a negative attitude about exercise. Your senior years should be all about finding what sparks your joy, and there's no better way to do that than to step back in time. If you loved jumping on trampolines as a child, then a mini version might inspire that same sense of happiness and adventure. You might not be trying to turn flips at your age now, but you'll still feel a burst of glee every time you bounce. You can even pick up two rebounders and do side-by-side workouts with your spouse or best friend for double the fun.

Choose Your Workout

Do you remember those choose your own adventure books from when you were a kid? Well, you can do a similar thing with your workouts on a mini-tramp. Rebounding allows you to slow down, take smaller jumps, or go big depending upon how you feel during your workout. You can even mix up your workouts so that you have an easier day alternating with more strenuous ones. Going at your own pace prevents injuries, and it might be all you need to finally stop feeling like exercise is a painful chore.

Support a Stronger Pelvic Floor

Getting older sometimes brings to mind new health challenges that can make life uncomfortable. Urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and prolapses are all health issues that can begin to show up in your senior years. While hormones and previous life experiences can play a role in who develops these conditions, you've also got some proven ways to help prevent them or reduce their effects. Bouncing on a rebounder helps to strengthen your core muscles. As those muscles in your pelvic floor get stronger, they'll be better able to make sure your organs work properly. 

For more information about rebounders, contact a local fitness store. 


1 August 2022

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