5 Things Mountain Bikers Need To Include In Their Packs


Now that mountain biking season is here, you're probably itching to get out and enjoy some excellent singletrack. But the back country is no place to be stranded in the event that your bike experiences a malfunction, so be sure that you have it checked out by your favorite bike repair shop before you hit the trails this summer. Even the best laid plans can so south, however, so make sure you're prepared for whatever minor catastrophes might befall you on the trail.

26 May 2015

Can't Grow A Beard? Prohormones Offer Easy Testosterone Boosts For Men With Hypogonadism


With razor manufacturers seeing a $2.3 billion loss in recent years, there's no denying that beards are trending. But, if you're an older gentleman who can't seem to grow facial hair, you might not be so pleased with the current fad. There's good news, though. One of the main reasons why older men can't grow whiskers is because they've acquired age-induced hypogonadism -- a common condition that can be treated with steroid supplements.

4 May 2015