How Can A Wildfit Health Coach Help You Live Your Best Life?


Many people want a lot of energy, a pain-free body, and a svelte silhouette. You can have all these things when you follow a fitness health plan. A fitness health coach can teach you about how to achieve a healthy lifestyle, providing guidance as necessary. Here are four ways that a fitness health coach can help you love your body and live your best life: 1. Repair your diet Your fitness level is determined by the movement you do but also the food you eat.

26 March 2021

Seven Simple Full-Body Exercises


Getting in a workout regularly is important so you can stay in shape and perform your best, but finding workouts for your whole body can be tough, especially when you are short on time and want to get in a quick workout. Here you will find a few full-body exercises to try, many of which can even be done at home! 1.  Start With Push-Ups Yes, a push-up might feel basic, but keeping your workouts simple can help you to continue them consistently.

20 January 2021

Three Reasons To Fold Your Yoga Mat


In many yoga studios, there is a common debate about whether it is better to roll your yoga mat or fold it. For many years, rolling up a yoga mat was the most common way to store it, but lately, folding mats have become more popular, for good reason. Below are just some of the reasons you should buy a folding yoga mat instead of a roll-up mat. Hygiene The top reason to fold your yoga mat as opposed to rolling is for better hygiene.

16 October 2020

Taking An Exercise Class? Top Tips For Optimal Results


If you want to have a body that remains in the best condition, you may want to consider enrolling in an exercise class. Doing this can help you maintain your weight and offers several other advantages. One of the top things you can do for your health is to keep your body moving. However, getting the most out of your exercising efforts is vital when taking a class. 1.  Get on the front row

10 June 2020

Insight To Help You Successfully Start A Weight Training Program


When you want to get your body in shape and boost your weight loss capacity, weight training is an essential activity. When you train with weights, you will notice that your muscles become more toned and stronger, and your endurance when you complete cardio will increase. And as a benefit, the more muscle your body contains, the more your metabolism will be increased on a continual basis.  However, when you are new to weight training but want to get involved with it and realize its benefits, there are some rules you need to know.

23 April 2020

Reasons To Choose A Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Practitioner Who Will Visit Your Home


Many people turn to trauma-sensitive yoga as a way to process various traumas that they have been through. Whether you have had a family member or friend speak highly of this practice or you have been working with a therapist who has advocated strongly for trauma-sensitive yoga, you may wish to find a practitioner who works in your area. While many trauma-sensitive yoga practitioners use space at local yoga studios and healthcare clinics to work with their clients, there are some who may be able to visit your home to guide you through a session.

21 January 2020

The Benefits Of Incorporating A Corporate Wellness Program Into Your Company


As someone that owns or is in charge of a business, you might want to think about adding a corporate wellness program to the list of benefits that you offer to your employees. If you are not familiar with the benefits of a business wellness program, you will want to continue to read through the following points. You Get Your Employees Moving This is especially important if you run the type of business that leaves the majority of your employees stationary throughout the day.

14 November 2019